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Thursday 10/29 10:26 AM

I’m uncomfortable with surprise (among many other things...human contact, nice people, spiders). It is how I’m wired. Being a lawyer certainly reinforces it. I research, analyze, review and plan. I define the options, weigh the contingencies, have alternative strategies, document the known unknowns and unknown unknowns, develop a BATNA and plan for the worst. ...

Friday 2/20

This blog has always frowned at the superlative degree of ...

Wednesday 2/11

Recently, while out tromping around the neighborhood I noticed a ...

Thursday 1/8

With a high of minus five... ...inside it's easy to stay. But ...

Tuesday 12/9

Last week I discussed complications. Nothing has changed since then, ...

Summer fun on FIS!
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  Winter is coming. But first, more summer.
  VTah Part IX: The Goodest Snow on Earth!
  Mark it “FD”
  High (of Minus) Five
  VTah Part VIII — The Fugaciousest Snow on Earth!

  No Vermonters in Heaven
  The Romp of the Wampahoofii
  TR: A Presidential Orbit
  TR: Meat Weak Part II
  TR: Meat Week Part I
  Mark it “FD”
  Pierogi. Pivo. Pow.
  We Went to Canada
  A Hole
  The Backbush

Trip Reports
  Winter is coming. But first, more summer.
  5 Days in the Stuart Range
  TR: A Tale of Two-to-the-Two Chute Schusses
  TR: Schuss Forest; Schuss!!
  TR: VTah Part VII — The Merriest Snow on Earth!
  No Vermonters in Heaven
  A First Step
  TR: A Presidential Orbit
  TR: Meat Weak Part II
  TR: Meat Week Part I

  Long Duration Complications
  Let’s get it started
  Happy Effin Spring.
  March of the Storms

Express Single Shots o' Stoke:
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Get Set!
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Powder on High
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Presidential Relaxation
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Ben Peters finds Solitude in Vermont
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Sunset and Powder at Bolton Valley

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