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Monday 4/21 8:55 AM

Again. The Province of Québec. Again. We walked a LOT. We skied a little. Thanks for watching.

Tuesday 4/1

Not to be outdone by the 4hr approach that Greg ...

Friday 3/28

Spring. A season of renewal. The birds start to chirp. ...

Sunday 3/23

Two years ago while we were wandering around one summer ...

Monday 3/17

Dear Vulcan, After careful consideration, we regret to inform you that ...

Happy New Year from FIS!
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  We Went to Canada
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  5 Days in the Stuart Range
  TR: A Tale of Two-to-the-Two Chute Schusses
  TR: Schuss Forest; Schuss!!
  TR: VTah Part VII — The Merriest Snow on Earth!
  TR: An Early Season Apology
  A First Step
  TR: A Presidential Orbit
  TR: Meat Weak Part II
  TR: Meat Week Part I
  Paradise Planet in the Beehive State

  Happy Effin Spring.
  March of the Storms
  Marching Along
  President’s Weekend Weather Forecast (REVISED !!)
  Wingbowl weather forecast (Updated)

Express Single Shots o' Stoke:
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Minus 15
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Sunset Schuss
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Fall in Vermont
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Greg Skips A Huck
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Pow Clouds!

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