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Sunday 11/20 11:33 AM

When one makes meatballs, one must begin with quality meats: Without good meat, you just have balls. Next, you have to make sure that you have a good sauce to cook them in. Then it's all about the roll...List people, it's all in the wrist. You gotta take the meat ...

Monday 10/24

Sunday October 23rd was a fun day on Mansfield in ...

Monday 3/7

A farmer named Halldór and his wife Helga had two ...

Thursday 1/7

I don't have to tell you animals that the most ...

Thursday 10/29

I’m uncomfortable with surprise (among many other things...human contact, nice ...

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  Mark it “FD”
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  5 Days in the Stuart Range
  TR: A Tale of Two-to-the-Two Chute Schusses
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  TR: VTah Part VII — The Merriest Snow on Earth!
  TR: An Early Season Apology
  No Vermonters in Heaven
  A First Step
  TR: A Presidential Orbit
  TR: Meat Weak Part II
  TR: Meat Week Part I

  Long Duration Complications
  Let’s get it started
  Happy Effin Spring.

Express Single Shots o' Stoke:
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From Sunrise…
gallery image thumbnail
Ben Peters Enjoys a Deep Powder Turn in the Sun
gallery image thumbnail
Parallel Lenticular Cloud over Mt. Washington
gallery image thumbnail
Kristin Schusses Powder in Vermont
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Keeper of a Sleeper

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