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Tuesday 9/30 7:03 PM

For my money, I'll take the band of desert known as the Arizona Strip.  It's beautiful, raw, really damn hard to get to, and generally unencumbered by tourists gallivanting from one National Park rest stop to the next. It's cleaved off from the rest of Arizona by the Colorado River ...

Saturday 9/13

I want to tell you a story about getting lucky. ...

Wednesday 7/23

On the eastern flank of Mount Washington, NH, not far ...

Monday 7/14

I dreamed that I went to the city of Gold, To ...

Monday 4/28

We went to Slovakia. We had a lot of fun. ...

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  Pierogi. Pivo. Pow.
  We Went to Canada
  A Hole
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  5 Days in the Stuart Range
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  TR: An Early Season Apology
  No Vermonters in Heaven
  A First Step
  TR: A Presidential Orbit
  TR: Meat Weak Part II
  TR: Meat Week Part I

  Happy Effin Spring.
  March of the Storms
  Marching Along
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Ben Peters Gets His “Surf” On in a Vermont Glade
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“Imax Foliage” Fills A Mountain Pass of Vermont
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Presidential Relaxation
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Unbreakable Crust
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Allen’s In Town

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