About F.I.S.

We are a group of powder hungry, east-coast-bred, world-traveling skiers and riders who Earn Our Turns to bring you the best stoke and ski/board related weather information a click-of-the-mouse can buy.

We hope our adventures inspire you to Earn Your Turns as well!

The skiers behind the full face masks:


Q: Why the name "Famous Internet Skiers"?
A: One day we were schussing in Tuckerman Ravine. Some of us were straightlining like idiots, and some of us where making super-G turns like idiots. In awe of our bravado a wise man said of us: "I told them I knew you guys, and that you were all a bunch of real famous internet skiers and that if they wanted introductions, I could get my people to talk to your people." - H-man

Q: Do you really think you're famous?
A: No. We're just normal working folks who like to ski and board and hike and climb and skate and retweet and... you get the idea.

Q: What do you guys have to offer?
A: We write about mountain adventures, provide weather forecasts, and publish articles of general interest to the backcountry community.

Q: Why do you write these trip reports?
A: We think our lives are enriched by having adventures in the mountains, and we want to help you enrich your life through the mountains as well. A big part of what we enjoy in the mountains however is the unknown; the wild; the surprises. In light of that, it would be a disservice to ourselves if we published turn-by-turn GPS directions. Instead we hope that our trip reports are an invitation to the mystery, and will inspire you to go out into the wild and experience it for yourself.

Q: So why is there a trip report from May with trail names?
A: We aren't really famous, and we surely aren't perfect. Sometimes our goals don't jibe with what we've done. If you've spotted a glitch in our facade (it's not hard) send us a missive. We write back!

Q: Do you sell your photos for home display or licensing?
A: YES! Please contact us to learn more. We do all business through email. We have no forms to fill out. Just send us an email and let's get started. We're friendly and prompt!

Q: What is the "tub copter?"
A: Eventually that secret will be revealed.

Q: Can I advertise on FamousInternetSkiers.com?
A: Definitely.  We offer a variety of options.  Check out our Media Kit for more information.

Q: Do you have any lodging recommendations at the cool locations FamousInternetSkiers.com visits?
A: FIS works with Mountain Reservations to find accommodations at hills like Jackson, Snowbird, Park City, Killington, Sugarloaf, and others. We think our readers would like Mountain Reservations as well! Like our arrangement with gear retailers, we earn a commission on these. Thank in advance for choosing Mountain Reservations! We appreciate your support of FIS.

Q: I want to make sure you guys get a commission on a gear purchase I'm about to make at one of the websites advertising on your site. How can I do this?
A: First, THANKS! We appreciate your support. If you click on any link to a retailer on FIS, we in theory should get a commission at that retailer if you make a purchase. That said, sometimes strange things happen. If you really want to be sure FIS gets a commission on your purchase, from the list below, click on the retailer you are about to purchase from just before you complete the transaction:


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