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Google Earth’s historical imagery
July 17th, 2009 | By:  Greg | 1 Comment

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I just found out about Google Earth's historical imagery feature. Needless to say the first thing I looked for is winter-month imagery. While there don't seem to be many winter satellite images for the mountain regions of the Northeast, there are a couple of May views. Here's one of The ... ...Read more

What does a historically cool June and early July mean for Winter 2009-2010
July 9th, 2009 | By:  Lionel Hutz | Comment

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As the north country endures another round of upper level low induced summer suckage you have to wonder exactly what that means for the upcoming winter. First the answer is it has nothing to do with the upcoming winter. Any historical stat - espically with winter is just an ... ...Read more

Skiing an Orb
July 8th, 2009 | By:  Greg | Comment

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I came across a pretty cool tutorial the other day after seeing a tip on TGR. So I just started playing around with some old pictures, and came up with something I think looks pretty fun. I'll be trying some more of these in the next few weeks and ... ...Read more

Calendars are here!
July 8th, 2009 | By:  Greg

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The calendars are here and look great! Click on the picture to check them out:

Types of Storms We See: The Alberta Clipper
July 7th, 2009 | By:  Lionel Hutz | 1 Comment

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    Before we get into ski season I figure the best thing to do is to introduce you all to some of the ways we get snow. Partly I'm doing this so that you all can understand what the hell i'm talking about and partly I'm doing this because I ... ...Read more

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