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TR: VTah Part VI — The Most Highly Anticipated Snow on Earth!
February 28th, 2012 | By:  Greg

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I suspect anyone who reads FIS had been anticipating this storm for quite a while. Indeed, it's time for VTah! Click the picture or here to read VTah Part VI

Lionel’s Payday
January 14th, 2012 | By:  Greg | 10 Comments

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Who called this one? Lionel did, that's who. That's why this update is all Lionel...all the time...reaping the fruits of his forecast. Honestly, I'm not even sure that makes sense, but whatever, it's time for some pow shots. To start it off, here is the man himself Tebowing (or is that ... ...Read more

Deep Weekend=Deep-end
January 16th, 2011 | By:  Greg | 4 Comments

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The magic snow of Vermont was in full force this weekend as an Alberta Clipper slammed into the state and delivered between 8 and 13 inches (link is to an on the hill snow depth report of a very trusted snow measurer). If you could find terrain that had yet ... ...Read more

TR: Give Us 6 Inches, and We’ll Schuss a Meter
January 11th, 2011 | By:  Greg

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Last week we put in our time studying the mountains of New Hampshire in order to schuss high alpine powder safely. Indeed, after hours of number crunching, a day of reconnaissance, and an evening of libations, in the end we arrived at New Hampshire’s magic mathematical secret: 1 inch=1 foot. ... ...Read more

SPAM #9: Putting the “V” in VTah Part V
December 9th, 2010 | By:  Greg | 3 Comments

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The SPAM Series returns after a brief hiatus here on FIS! This week we've got some follow-up coverage from the completely absurd, completely over the top powder skiing in Vermont featured in our most recent TR: VTah Part V. Here's Ben on day two of the event schussing his way ... ...Read more

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