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Let Me Ask You Something….
November 13th, 2013 | By:  Greg | 10 Comments

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How long has it been since you made schuss? Did you make schuss yesterday? Did you make schuss last week? Or maybe it might be that you plannnin' on making schuss today? Well just remember when you start making schuss: make it hard, long, soft... AND BE SCHUSSIN! Password: schussin ...And yes... at 20 seconds "I ... ...Read more

here and now
August 5th, 2013 | By:  The F.I.S. | 7 Comments

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FamousInternetSnowboarder, Christian the Curmudgeon (AKA "Wayne"), checks in (once again) with a clip of teh sherd from this summer. If you want to check out some more longboarding check out this and that.

On the Homology of a Schuss
March 26th, 2013 | By:  Greg | 3 Comments

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"Nihilistic" comes to mind when I'm asked what schussing is all about; you go up, you come down, and that's about it. Don't search for deeper meaning. It's not there. Sometimes you come down the same thing you went up. Sometimes you come down a different thing. Either way though, ... ...Read more

TR: Give Us an Inch, and We’ll Schuss a Foot
January 9th, 2011 | By:  Greg

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We did our homework last week, and as a result were able to harvest some New England alpine powder. The skiing was sublime but nerve racking, and required every last bit of our avalanche smarts to ensure safety. Click the picture or here to read Give Us an Inch, and We'll ... ...Read more

TR: A Troika – Schussclimbenswim
June 10th, 2010 | By:  Greg

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You may recall a previous "bad" outing (or two) based upon the concept of a triple. This mini-trip completes a troika of trifectas. This time we tried to complete a (June) schuss, climb and swim all within a single mile... in Vermont! Click the picture or here to read A Troika ... ...Read more

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