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Famous Internet Skier Wins East Coast Supershoot!
March 21st, 2011 | By:  The F.I.S. | 8 Comments

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Greg won the East Coast Super Shoot photography competition at Stowe Mountain Resort, when his slideshow featuring shots from his action sports portfolio was selected as "Best in Show" on Saturday evening, March 19th, 2011 at the new Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center. The East Coast Supershoot is a competition that ... ...Read more

SPAM #3.5: Little Superior Lower Snowfields–LCC, UT
October 1st, 2010 | By:  Greg | Comment

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Just a quick Friday "have a good weekend" SPAM Bonus Entry from the FISkiers. As an extension to SPAM #3, where we saw Dwyer schussing up high on Little Superior, let's catch a glimpse of him Zchussing Ze Lower Znowfields of Zuperior too. Ahhhhh... isn't that better now? Have a good ... ...Read more

SPAM #3: Little Superior Upper Snowfields–LCC, UT
September 29th, 2010 | By:  Greg | 2 Comments

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From Utah, to Vtah, back to Utah goes the SPAM Series. This one hearkens back to early January when Porter, his brother Dwyer (the victor of the Stowe Derby) and I made a bid to ski Mount Superior in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. Fortunately (or was it unfortunately?) ... ...Read more

TR: A Date with Ruth
June 21st, 2010 | By:  Sam

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Click the picture or here to read A Date with Ruth I recently met up with James, who I met through Turns All Year, for a casual outing to Mt. Baker. When skies went blue, we changed our plans and focused on Ruth Mountain instead. We were well rewarded for the ... ...Read more

Cursed Schuss
April 21st, 2010 | By:  Greg | 13 Comments

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Sometimes you have a great plan to go up high above the rest of the tracks, and glorious-schuss-make. You try to do everything right. You go the distance.... You keep going until you get to the view (no views here by the way)... BUT, despite the huge snow field at the bottom ... ...Read more

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