TR: The Turn

By:  Greg
July 27, 2010 3:44 am | Category: Full Trip Report, General Interest, Skiing

A lot of folks focus on the summer solstice as the turning point from summer to winter. They say: “the days are now getting shorter” or “we’ve made the turn away from the sun.” As any bona fide ski addict knows however, the solstice is hardly a turning point, since by all rights, you should still be skiing. Indeed, the depths of despair of the ski addict persists for at least a few more weeks as summer continues to grind on with hotter and hotter days, and sticky/buggy trails. The Turn doesn’t occur for skiers and riders until about today.–the meteorological solstice. It is the day that we’ve finally hit (on average) the hottest day of the year; it is the day on which it is least likely to snow, it is the day the thermometer takes a turn and starts heading down again. As owners of this year’s Famous Internet Skiers calendar know, today is the day when it is now safe to sanely look forward to the turns you will make next season. For us, we think this is the perfect time to look back at the season that came before, and recount all the turns that are worthy of remembrance.
the Turns
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