Ben has always had a love-hate relationship with skiing. He hated his first run, a 30 minute temper tantrum down Gunstock’s formidable Kitty Kat. Ever since his second run, he’s loved it. When he got yelled at in the local “Mountain Mashers” program for skiing too fast, he realized that racing might be a better fit. For the next 10 years Ben raced, first for the Gunstock Ski Club, later for Franconia Ski Club, and finally one year on the Dartmouth Ski Team.

Unfortunately for Ben’s racing career, powder skiing is fun. He started telemarking in high school during his free time and soon discovered backcountry skiing. For years his love of the backcountry and his love of ski racing conflicted, but after hearing a teammate complain about the how there was “too much new snow to train” during his freshman year at Dartmouth, Ben decided it was time to trade in the race boards for an AT setup.

For the rest of college, Ben called Stowe home, extensively skiing Mt. Mansfield and the surrounding environs. With the occasional western trip and spring Presidential season, there was more than enough skiing to keep his GPA from rising too high.

After school, Ben moved to Salt Lake City, UT, where he has lived for the past few years. The mountains are bigger and the snow deeper, but the adventure feels just the same as it did back in the woods at Stowe. Whether doing epic days spinning lifts at Snowbird or long backcountry tours in the Tetons, Ben is still as addicted to skiing as ever and adds some non East Coast flavor to F.I.S.

When not on the slopes, Ben works as a software engineer developing machine learning systems. He also enjoys rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, and mountain biking to make the off-season pass more quickly.

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