Quick peak ahead to the first cold night!

By:  Lionel Hutz
August 18, 2009 1:36 pm | Category: Weather

After sweating my balls off the last few days- honestly I’m down to two now- I figured that you all were interested in a little taste of fall. Well it’s coming.

As the week ends, Bill (the hurricane), will pull off the coast of maine and help to spur a cold front through the north country. Behind that cold front will be some cooler air. Now it will not all come rushing in at once but will seep in over a period of a few days as a cool bubble looks to settle in. Depending on which model you look at the coolest weather will come between monday and friday of next week. Regardless of when it comes I would expect to see a day where temps struggle to reach sixty in the ADK, Greens and Whites. While this isn’t unheard of, ( its actually pretty common in late August) it’s always nice to get a little reminder that fall is on the way and you will not always be sweating into your ass crack on your way to work.

Check out one Model’s output for temps…
FHR 24 36| 48 60| 72 84| 96 108|120 132|144 156|168
WED 19| THU 20| FRI 21| SAT 22| SUN 23| MON 24| TUE 25|WED CLIMO
N/X 59 80| 43 79| 64 84| 62 72| 51 71| 51 72| 49 66| 46 50 74
TMP 65 68| 54 71| 69 73| 65 62| 57 61| 57 62| 55 58| 52

That’s 58 a for a high at the end of next weekend!…BRRR…

WED 19| THU 20| FRI 21| SAT 22| SUN 23| MON 24| TUE 25|WED
N/X 52 58| 48 59| 54 63| 54 60| 47 56| 44 49| 38 48| 38 48 66
TMP 54 53| 51 56| 57 59| 56 55| 49 51| 46 43| 41 43| 41

Similarly- 40’s for high on Mount Washington…that’s cool!

Now, another little tidbit is that on any of the above nights, if we can get a clear sky and light winds these areas will see very strong radiational cooling and I would not be surprised to see the first freeze above 3000ft occur within this period.

Going to make a quick edit here…front slowed down quite a bit. Don’t expect those first cold nights until next weekend Thurs/Fri/Sat timeframe…

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  1. K_C
    wrote on August 21st, 2009 at 11:57 am  

    Nice write-up! It won’t be too much longer now.

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