Skiing by Braille

By:  Greg
March 1, 2010 5:31 pm | Category: Quick Update, Skiing

Just a quick report from today. Nothing really all that exciting… we just went out and did a little recon for one of our favorite cliff bands, and were glad to discover that it’s ready to go next snow fall–so stay tuned. The real reason I feel the reason to post however was the visibility: about as close to zero as I’ve ever seen it (or “not seen it,” as it were). No offense to the blind, but I might as well have been using the Braille system to ski today; I couldn’t see anything.

Christian knows the cliff band is out here somewhere… now if only we could see more than 2 meters maybe we could find it.

Christian entering the “other whiteroom.”

Just before he disappeared.

Just goes to show you kids: don’t head into the backcountry if you aren’t prepared and don’t know where you’re going. Plenty of incident reports from Stowe Mountain Rescue recently of people dropping off the wrong side.

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