The Starting Points for Adventure series gives your outdoor-imagination a kick in the butt, and gets you on the fast-track to adventures. Approximately every week we provide a few pictures and clues of a great location a bit off the beaten path. We challenge you to read carefully, put your thinking cap on, go out into the wild, and find the location. Report back about your findings in the comments below, but please don't give it away for someone who has yet to figure it out. Of course, if you find something even cooler during your travels don't hesitate to challenge us! If you find something really awesome, and think it's worthy of being included in the SPA Trip series send us an email!

Known more for Tough Schist than Family Friendly 5.Funs, Vermont poses a challenge for “mortal climbers” looking to get out and explore. Needless to say, when we heard a few whispers of a multi-pitch, sport, ascending some of the best rock in Vermont, we had to go sniff it out. Working off our knowledge of the area from our trip to Valhalla, we started bushwhacking in what seemed like the right direction. Nearly two hours later we got a view of the crag. Is it really still that far away? Sigh…
the crag presents itself

The humidity was viscous, the bugs were blood-sucking, the trail was non-existant, and the scree-field leading up to the crag was awful. We did however find a nice hut to cool down in for a minute. Thank goodness!
the cooling hut

Finally the climbing started! I lead the first pitch to a belay station with a view… and a hatch of bugs! Hooray! Christian follows.
the first belay station

From there we swapped roles, and Christian took over leading duties on pitch 2.
leading duties on pitch 2

Don’t worry, he’s locked off.
don't worry he's locked off

At the top of the second pitch we were tired, hot, sweaty and bug-bitten. But the climbing was GREAT! That’s what I call a family-friendly-five-fun.
family friendly five fun

“Are we having five-fun yet?”
are we having five-fun yet?

We rapped to the base, and as soon as we touched down, began the lovely task of re-bushwacking several hours to the car. The requisite dip in the river once we returned to civilization has never felt so nice!

Thanks for checking in on FIS in the summer! Go out and start your own adventure today!



  1. AJ
    wrote on July 16th, 2012 at 4:35 pm  
  2. asherman
    wrote on July 16th, 2012 at 4:55 pm  

    Looks like ******* at ———-…. a fun route.

    • Greg
      wrote on July 16th, 2012 at 4:59 pm  

      you got it Asherman… don’t spoil it for others though!

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