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March 6, 2012

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We only know two ways to celebrate. So we decided we had better utilize BOTH of them. First. You know what this is. And second, is enjoying a beautiful sunset at the cabin… …accompanied by roasting jalapenos for tacos in a pot belly stove…. (I’ve heard peppers can get unwieldy on roasting sticks like that?!) …and enjoying the every last minute of a giant post ski dinner with some great friends. OK, so we celebrated with like 10 things! Sorry for partying. Day six dawned with sunny skies and looks of anticipation for the final ski day in a long line of excellent ski days. You can’t satiate a look like that with just sun and powder snow, you’d need other things. Like PBR and cheesy eggs! We did a lot of skinning, and a lot of enjoying the sunlight. Andy couldn’t help but do some photosynthesizing after so much cloudy weather. We summited out and we could finally get a vista of how the Wasatch had fared this giant storm cycle. The high peaks we’re finally shrouded in their winter coat. Some of the lower peaks had seen some serious action. Reynolds, like many of the peaks around it, had gone through some significant cycles during the storm. You wouldn’t have wanted to be dragged through that aspen grove. Or have been in this basin when every chute on Raymond went off. Sitting on our high post, we had a great vantage on dozens of other peaks. And we quickly realized nearly everyone damn one of them had a pair of “Summit Chillers” on it. You know, people who skin to the top and spend hours chilling on the summit – enjoying the sunlight and the view. We chilled on our own summit for a good while longer, joking it up about the evening prior. But we knew, it wouldn’t be long until all of this new snow would get packed down by the skiers of the Wasatch. Heck it’s exactly how we started this story. So we got on with it, and went for a ski ourselves, so we could do our own part! Turn by turn we packed it all down. More importantly, turn by turn, we made some amazing memories and had a fantastic time. It was a week of powder skiing I’ll remember for a long time, not just for countless turns, but for the people I enjoyed those turns with!

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  1. christian
    wrote on March 7th, 2012 at 5:09 pm  

    only one PBR on the breakfast table?!?! fail.
    “dwyer gave them more show than tell” youbetcha.

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