A Little Ditty

March 6, 2012

We put in a skinner of consequence. A cold front was on our door step and it had winds into the 70s and temperatures dropping a degree a minute until they were in the single digits. It eventually got so miserable that we found a quick spot for a beverage, and dropped in. We had a little problem though. The powder was deeper then a tray of nachos at the Porcupine and I couldn’t tell if Dwyer or Ben was skiing. Is it a Peters or is it a Haney? Don’t know, don’t care. For all I know these are figments of my imagination. It was one of those schusses that’s capped by giddy laughs. A day where you get back to the car, have an hour long drive down the canyon in the dark with horrible roads, and everyone can’t stop high-fiving. Perma high-fives. Just out of control fun. To top it off, it was the EXTRA DAY OF WINTER. BONUS. We awoke on the third day of the cycle, and let met tell you what. The snow hadn’t become any shallower! Dwyer stepped up to the day, and asserted himself, the way only Dwyer can. One might be wondering why you’d get so air born on a powder day, considering it’s a lot more fun to get burried in the stuff. Dwyer answered right quick, “The high up you get, the deeper you submerge yourself on the way down.” It didn’t take him long to prove it. We’d been stuck in the trees long enough, and figured it’d be rude not to find a big wide open ridge to schuss down. And schuss we did. Like letting a Quebecois loose on a pile of poutine, Dwyer attacked this powder meadow. From the top, he built up a huge head of steam, blew just a little bit off it off with a speed check, and absolutely buried himself. He pulled out of the full submersion like Captain Ramius emptying the ballast tanks in the Hunt for Red October. He wasn’t done yet though. He sent the skis right back down the fall line preparing for further assaults. Deciding that he hadn’t had enough. It’s a little bit hard to be a FamousInternetSkier if no one ever sees you skiing. So, embracing the true virtues of Solitude, Dwyer took off for a quick show and tell lap. With the lift hooting and hollering, Dwyer gave them more show then tell and took it to the deepest level of the day. Suffice to say it was VERY deep, and Gamma and Lionel Hutz still had more treats in store for us. And I haven’t even given all of our characters of this story a spot yet. Continue on, and you’ll be rewarded with endless amounts of powder skiing stoke!

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One Comments

  1. christian
    wrote on March 7th, 2012 at 5:09 pm  

    only one PBR on the breakfast table?!?! fail.
    “dwyer gave them more show than tell” youbetcha.

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