President’s Weekend at Shambala

By:  Greg
February 17, 2009

You know you want it…

…but sometimes you can’t find your way to Shambala… and you end up at Valhalla instead.

But sometimes you do find your way to Shambala…

After last weekend’s boring outing spent “with a borrowed whippet, no crampons, no rope and so, of course, no harness” teetering around on some iced up 55º boot pack “over death falls”, I decided to do something a bit more exciting for the long weekend, and took a trip to Shambala. I mean, I always thought I owned and was using crampons, ax and whippet, so nothing about Diagonal even got my pulse to rise until the Monday morning quarterbacks showed up for work. Nevertheless, this weekend I wanted some REAL excitement. Also, since we had a major thaw last week, “the east coast is gonna be dust on crust”, and I wanted some epic deepness, I figured I should stay away from the usual places that everyone else goes, and head out to Shambala…. I suggest you go looking for it when you need to recalibrate.

The weather started out very cold with filtered sunshine. With winds strong and out of the west, we had found our way to the right spot way up high in Shambala.

Sam is happy he came

Allen was happy too

Sam doing something extremely extreme after last weekends boring-fest

Allen needed his adrenaline rush as well

Allen also (of course) needed his “perfect line”.

Seriously… people were complaining about boilerplate ice and knocking fillings loose? [They were] seriously [in the wrong place]….Allen

K_C was helpful and kind in the snow of Shambala… she truly was in her element out there

She loved rooting around to find that perfect spot.

Then the sun came out in full force… So here’s your only clue

And here I am shredding that clue into little pieces (photo: K_C)

Now if someone would please just turn on the snow! (Editor’s Note: It came soon.)

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    wrote on November 21st, 2009 at 9:05 pm  
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